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Affiliate Case Study: How I Made $6,711.50 In Just 5 Days From A Single Affiliate Product (Plus 9 Affiliate Marketing Lessons)

Discover the secrets to successful affiliate marketing with this in-depth affiliate case study. This affiliate case study showcases how a top affiliate made $6,711.50 in just 5 days by promoting a single digital product. Learn how to structure your affiliate promotions, craft winning emails, and increase your sales with fill-in-the-blank templates. Whether you’re a Clickbank affiliate or working with sites like JVZOO, this case study provides valuable insights to help you increase your affiliate commissions. Explore more affiliate marketing case studies for inspiration and tips.

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Interested in getting an inside look at how a top affiliate sells 216 copies of a digital product (plus an extra 45 upsells), wins an affiliate contest, and makes $6,711.50 in just 5 days?

And how YOU can emulate this success and increase your own affiliate commissions?

Then you need to read every last bit of this post

Whether you’re a Clickbank affiliate or working with sites like JVZOO.

Or maybe you’re creating Amazon affiliate sites. (Check out how to make your own coupon website)

The insightsin this post will increase the number of affiliate products you sell.

So read on…

What You’ll Learn in This Affiliate Case Study:

  • How to structure an affiliate promo and maximize your sales
  • How to craft commission sucking emails that make your customers buy from YOU
  • Whether you really need to offer bonuses or not as an incentive to buy (the results might surprise you)
  • How the only thing you need to do doing on affiliate promos is using fill in the blank templates.
  • 9 affiliate marketing lessons I learned from this promotion that you’ll find useful for your own promos.

The Product In Question

There’s no better way to quickly generate affiliate commissions than product launches.

The launch in question was for NicheReaper (thanks to everyone who purchased through my links) and there was a lot of tough competition from big-name affiliates who were also promoting it.

(If you haven’t heard of NicheReaper, it’s a great tool that automatically gives you profit able niche and keywords that people are searching for on Google, Amazon, eBay and more)

It’s a great tool (I was given advanced access to it) and I wanted as many people as possible to get their hands on it and be able to use it to find profitable niches and keywords.

So let’s delve into this case study and show how you copy my affiliate marketing success…

Nader’s thoughts: Stuart here didn’t just pick any product to promote, he picked one that is the perfect fit for his audience, and in this case it’s NicheReaper. Find a product that you know your readers will love and start from there. You can use our guide on finding the best selling products to start with.

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now…

Affiliate Case Study: How I Made $6,711.50 In Just 5 Days From A Single Affiliate Product (Plus 9 Affiliate Marketing Lessons)

Conversions And Sales

I sent a total of 3,382 clicks and 2,469 unique clicks to the main sales page.

  • 216 people bought the main offer for a conversion rate of 8.75%.
  • 34 people bought OTO 1 converting at 15.67%
  • And 11 bought OTO 2 converting at 33.33%

In total on the launch, JVZOO shows 1,500+ copies of the main product were sold overall

Meaning I made approx 14% of all sales on the launch if my maths are correct? (I am terrible with numbers when it comes to anything other than adding or subtractinglol)

I Won The Affiliate Contest!

Yep, 216 front end sales was enough to land me 1st place on the leaderboard for which I get an additional $1,000 cash prize + I won another contest for most sales in the final 2 days netting me another $500.

That’s on top of the commission for the sales of which the total was $5,211.50.

So that’s $6,711.50

Not bad for a 5 day promo that I almost didn’t make time for (I had been travelling for a week before hand and didn’t have much time)

Just glad I played around with it some more and remembered how useful it was.

Win win all round IMO.

I didn’t provide any bonuses on this launch (as I often don’t) because I didn’t have time to create any.

I just showed you how to use the 220 buyers keyword list on the blog to make this tool even more useful.

Which I think shares an important lesson…

Bonuses aren’t essential.

People buy because they TRUST you and believe in what you’re recommending. Not because you simply offered a bonus.

First place on the affiliate leaderboard

What I Did To Win (And How You Can Copy Me)

All the emails I sent during the NicheReaper launch are fill in the blank templates.

I use these same templates on EVERY single launch or promotion I do.

All were using the email templates I talk about in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks and the actual templates are available when you buy the upgrades for that product if anyone wants them.

I sent 11 emails over the 5 day launch period.

  • 3 on launch day as always
  • 1 on the second day
  • 2 on day 3 and 4 (it was only intended to be 1 on those days but a discount was announced)
  • 3 on closing day as always

The #1 performing email was the “Results” template email making 25% of all sales from the first one I sent and another 8% from a second one

It’s one of my own template creations and is mentioned several time in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks.

So 33%, a third, of all sales on this promo came from sharing results. This email formula works.

Then there was the discount email (this was simply an email with the discount code) was the second-highest performing at 19%.

And then the GAIN email (Digital Marketer email template I talk about it in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks, so simple but effective) at 12.79%.

Nothing else came close.

I also talk a bit about them here:

How To Write Emails That Win Product Launch Competitions, Beat Super Affiliates, And Make $8,320.24 In Just 6 Days

It’s that simple.

Use proven-to-work templates and fill in the blanks.

This is how I win affiliate contests and make $6,711.50 in 5 days from a few emails.

You can fill in the blanks too, right?

Now you know what I did to win this content and how you can copy me.

But I’d also like to share 9 affiliate marketing lessons you can learn from this launch…

Nader’s thoughts: Most of you reading this may just be getting started with email marketing or you may not have started at all. So here’s a great guide for beginners that you can use.

9 Affiliate Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From This Launch

1. You Just Need A Handful Of Good Affiliates To Promote

As I appear to have made 14% of the overall sales it suggests that if you’re a product owner looking to make sales you don’t need 100s of affiliates you just need a handful of good ones who can “bring the heat” as they like to say/

I would wager that the top 5 to 10 affiliates sent the bulk of the sales on this launch.

2. Bonuses Are Not Required

As I said I didn’t offer any bonuses on this one, as I often don’t, due to not having time.

It didn’t seem to affect my sales.

I often see affiliates swear by bonuses as a way to make you increase sales but I think if the product is good and I can show you how it’ll benefit you (and that I’ve used it myself) you don’t need the bonuses.

I may have been the only affiliate not offering anything?

3. Use Fill In The Blank Email Templates In Every Single Email Promotion You Ever Do Ever.

You’ll thank them and me later.

I use them in every single email promo I do.

I literally just fill in the blanks and watch the money roll in.

They are quick to write and they work.

The templates are talked about in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks.

4. Share Your RESULTS And People Will Bite Your Hand Off To Buy.

People like to see the stuff you recommend actually works AND that you’ve used it and not just hustling for commissions.

In my 2 result based emails, I showed buyer keywords I’d found by combining NicheReaper with the 220 buyer keywords on the blog and some other juicy ones it just automatically gave me.

It shows it works, I use it, and there are ways to ‘hack’ it to give you even better keywords.

People love results – like I said 25% of all sales came just from the first results email and another 8% from the second results one I sent on the final day.

4. Learn Some Basic Copywriting Techniques And Formulas – That’s All My Emails Are.

I’ve never really studied copywriting, I’d never cut it as a paid copywriter, and never practiced it outside of writing promo emails usually on the day a launch starts

I just Googled “copywriting formulas” once a long time ago and download stuff like 60 Second Sales Hook worksheet and read about the PAS formula and then filled in the blanks / followed the formula and they work and work every time.

That combined with some email templates I can sell loads of stuff. So can you, just fill in the blanks…

5. Mail Hard And Mail Often – Sending Once Or Twice Doesn’t Work

You have to mail continually throughout a promo – every day it’s on.

People need to be reminded, they miss emails, they get distracted, they stay on the fence till the last minute.

Some are made to buy through showing what they can GAIN, others need LOGIC, some need FEAR of missing out.

Certain people won’t budget until a discount code comes out or there are 3 seconds left to buy before it goes offline / up in price just to be sure.

Some like stories, other need results, others need to be reminded of their problems and why it’s important they take action (PAS).

These are all templates and copywriting formulas 101 Digital Affiliate Hacksand Digital Marketer (Fear, Gain, Logic series) and 60 Second Sales Hook etc.

6. Most Sales Come On Day 1 And The Final Day – Always

Some people want to be first in or get the best price before it goes up.

Other procrastinate or need time to decide then only take action on the final day when their hand is forced.

About 44% of sales came on day 1 for me and 17% on the final day. It would usually be much more on the final day

it’s often up to 40% on closing day but I guess so many people seeing the good results email on day 1 had steamed right in.

Which means about 40% of people bought in between.

7. The More You Know About Your Audience The More You’ll Sell

If you know what makes them tick (as I do about you), their situation (demographics, finances, pain points, joys) and what they want in life you can sprinkle it into your emails and use it to make them take action.

Create a datasheet on your audience.

Survey, poll, ask questions and analyze.

Especially your customers..especially your bestcustomers.

8. Find Great Products That Your Audience WantAnd You Don’t Have To SELL Anything

When you have a product that solves a core problem your audience has and solve it well with little work…you don’t have to do any SELLING.

You just tell them about it, show how awesome it is and people buy it.

I know

finding niches and keyword research is a big problem for most people in the NicheHacks tribe.

This tool made it so stupidly simple (you don’t have to do anything but open it) that it was as they say “a no brainer” to purchase.

And the price was awesome for a lifetime license too considering this has been a $67 p/m tool for the past 2 years and is going back to that price now the launch is over (congrats for those who got a bargain!)

9. Price Hikes, Scarcity And Countdown Timers Work Like Gangbusters (There are another one of those horrible IM phrases)

This started at $27, went up to $37 on day 2 and was up to $47 or maybe even $57 by the final day and it’s going up again to $67 PER MONTH for new customers now the launch is over.

You have to mention this and mention it often.

People want things for the best price.

You’re doing them a favor and they’ll do you a favor by buying.

There was a countdown timer ticking away at all times reminding people of the next price rise.

It flat out urges people to take action.

Just make sure you only use it when there are really price rises or scarcity or people get pissed off, obviously, when they find out it was false.

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now…

Your Quick Action Plan

Reading all of this and then realizing you’re nowhere near where I am isn’t going to help you succeed.

I started from zero subscribers and built my list with many errors but I never stopped tweaking to make it work.

What you need to get started with email marketing is a quick plan, some goals and you’ll be well on your way to gaining committed and loyal subscribers.

Use this beginner’s guide to get a quick headstart on your email marketing

Here’s how to get a quick start on email marketing…

  1. Get an auto-responder to build your email list – Aweberis just $1.
  1. Generate ideas for lead magnets so you can attract subscribers like

    shown hereor simply do a content upgrade as a leag magnet.
  1. Drive trafficto those lead magnets and sign up pages
  1. Create a funnel so you have a system set up.
  1. Use these email types so you are sure to maximize your email list.

Final Words

NicheReaper is awesome and you’re awesome for buying it through my link.

Enjoy it and these affiliate marketing lessons and please put it to good use.

It goes to show that some things work even againstconventional wisdom (like the belief that you need to offer bonuses or to be a great writer or seller to make affiliate sales).

I hit the first place despite not having bonuses and I use to fill in the blank templates on all my promotions.

If you apply what I’ve shared in this case study and the lessons learned from the launch you can sell more affiliate products and maybe even win product launch competitions.

Use the email templates, understand your audience, and what makes them tick, and show them awesome products that they want and need.

It’s that simple.

(Learn how to create a review website here)

So what do you plan to take away with these lessons?

Share with us below now…